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Teen Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes in Lehi

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu classes for teens offer a fun and engaging way to increase strength and learn useful self-defense techniques. The sport is increasingly popular among young people, as it offers them the opportunity to improve their physical capabilities while learning social skills that they can use in different aspects of their lives.

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teen jiu-jitsu

What is Teen Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Teen Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a martial art form that has been gaining popularity among adolescents in recent years. It combines various techniques from other martial arts, such as judo and wrestling, to create a combat system that encourages the efficient use of energy. Developed in Japan, Teen Brazilian Jiu-jitsu emphasizes posture and leverage to gain an advantage over an opponent. It also teaches discipline and respect for opponents.

How can I benefit from Teen Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Teen Brazilian Jiu-jitsu has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its many advantages. It is a martial art that combines physical and mental discipline, providing an excellent form of exercise and self-defense. Teen Brazilian Jiu-jitsu can be beneficial in many ways, from developing strength and confidence to increasing self-awareness and discipline.

How safe is Teen Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

When practiced with proper safety measures in place, such as having trained instructors to supervise, all risk factors associated with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu can be significantly reduced. Additionally, research has shown that teens are able to learn techniques quickly and benefit from physical activity while engaging in self-defense practice.

Life skills are the key to success

Social Skills

Having strong social skills means being able to effectively communicate, listen attentively, build trust among peers, empathize with others, and more.

Set goals

Goal setting is an essential tool for anyone looking to achieve success in their life. Not only does it help you to focus your efforts and prioritize tasks, but it also provides a sense of direction and motivation.

Build Self Confidence

Self-confidence allows individuals to feel secure within themselves and makes them more open to taking on new challenges. With self-confidence, people are better equipped to handle difficult situations and make sound judgement calls.

They're a lot of martial arts schools around. So, what makes us different?

Professional and Qualified Instructors

Our instructors have the experience to back up what Theta Combat teaches. Backed by more than a combined 30+ years of experience, we are ready to help you see progress and results.

Negative-Free Environment

We don’t put anyone down, but we’re not afraid to provide positive criticism to help you get better. We believe that putting students down only chases them away, rather we’d like to see our students grow and face tough challenges head on and help them see the rewards in the end.

Family-Like Environment

Many martial arts studios are a money-grab. Theta Combat provides a family environment where instructors know students on a first-name basis. When you’re a student at Theta Combat, you’re family. We want to see you succeed.

"Great school! Jason and the rest of the team are friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable, and create a great environment for personal self development."

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